Garage door opener repair & installation

With working garage door openers, a garage owner or operator might not be aware of the crucial functions of the openers until they fail. Having a garage door opener repair company in your phone book is such a relief as the problems can be solved before there is a complete failure.

Our company specializes in garage door opener installation and also offers repair and maintenance services to have your garage door opener functional at all times. A garage operator or owner should call for garage door opener repair services when the door has the following difficulties:

Safety reversal fails

We advise our clients to do a safety reversal test once in a while as a failure can cause fatal accidents. The safety beam may fail to detect an object or a person on its path either due to dirt or a failure. We have professional technicians that will attend to your garage door opener when faced with safety reversal failures.

The door fails to close

Your garage door may fail to close even when the path is clear due to dirt or dust blocking the sensors. Our technicians are able to advice on the way you should maintain the sensors cleaned and can also attend to failures by repairing the trucks.

Loud noise when operating the door

Both chain and belt openers produce some noise when in operation though it should not be unusual. Loud noise when operating the garage door opener is a sign of a fault which our garage door openers technicians can be able to repair. The garage door should be regularly maintained as the chains get old and wear and need to be changed.

The door has problems moving up or down- With proper garage door opener installation, the door should operate smoothly. We have the experience required to install a standard door opener and repair bends on the metal rails which hinder the door from moving up and down.


We have well qualified and experienced technicians to work on your garage door openers for a smooth operation.  We are available for a new garage door opener installation or repair/maintenance of an existing garage door.